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Phi Phi Island

Cruise by express boat to two of Asia's most beautiful islands, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley, also known as the "Viking" islands.

This second name, "Viking" , derives from the popular belief that pirates used to hide in the caves to be found there. Many cave paintings have been discovered depicting sailing boats of the kind that sailed the seas in times long gone by.

On Phi Phi Ley, the smaller of the two islands, a visit is made to a huge stalagmite cave in which some of these cave paintings can be seen. It is also from this cave that the bird nests, the basic ingredient of the world famous Chinese Bird nest's Soup, are collected. Thin bamboo scaffolding reaches up to the ceiling, which goes as high as 200 metres, and workers risk their lives by climbing to the top of the cave on these flimsy frames to collect the bird nests. Before and after this dangerous work, they pray to Lord Buddha at a small altar made of stalagmites.

Lunch is served on Phi Phi Don, the larger island, where there is ample time to explore the fantastically beautiful bays that make the island so unique.

Daily: 0700 - 1730 hr.

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$37 USD$27 USD
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